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Is Your Moving Company Licensed and Insured? Here’s How to Check

If you are starting to look into the numerous packing and moving services in your area, and want to make sure they are telling the truth when they say they have insurance, below are two surefire ways how to achieve this.

Check using The USDOT number.

One of the FMCSA golden rules pertaining to licensed moving companies is the registration of a USDOT number, which by the way, is mandatory. The USDOT number makes it easy for consumers to check all the relevant information on a professional moving company that they are considering hiring. An interstate USDOT number is an identifier that allows the government to access and monitor its compliance, audits, inspections, and crash investigations.

This number will also allow you to check whether the company is licensed and insured. You can use this number to review the safety information on a particular company. The USDOT number is typically found on a company’s website. Reputable operations will volunteer this number on request. Once you are in receipt of this number, simply enter it on the FMCSA’s website. You will see all the updated details of a particular company, that includes its safety and insurance details, fleet size, compliance history, and any other relevant licensing.

Check for any online presence.

It is easy to obtain a USDOT number when a company has a website and all reputable licensed moving companies do have an extensive presence online. Insured movers should have a website in addition to an active social media platform. If a specific moving company you are considering has no online presence, that should immediately raise suspicion. As the company could either be a scam or does not possess a license or insurance.


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