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Questions Worth Asking

If you’re planning to move, you might be looking for a moving service provider who can help you move your items efficiently. You’ll want to work with a moving company that will do the job right and provides you with quality services. But, before you can hire a moving contractor, you need to ask the right questions! You can start by asking these questions:

How long have you been in business?

It is crucial to hire a moving contractor with years of experience. It means the company has enough knowledge about the job and has the manpower to handle your belongings efficiently. If you do the task alone, it will take you weeks or months to complete a DIY moving project, which is why it’s best to hire a local moving contractor who can move your items quickly and efficiently.

Are you insured?

Professional movers are insured, which means that they’ll be held liable if something goes wrong while they’re moving your things. If a mover trips and falls while carrying your items, you won’t be held liable since the company is insured. So, make sure the contractor you’re planning to hire is insured and licensed.

Are you licensed and certified?

If you’re hiring a moving contractor, you’ll want to ensure they’re licensed and certified. It will ensure that they have the skills and knowledge about the job, which means you can count on them to complete the project successfully and safely. So don’t hesitate to ask this kind of question to rest assured you’ll get the right mover.

Find the ideal moving company in your area by asking the questions listed above! If you’re in Ocala, FL, there’s no need to look far since 352 Movers LLC is always ready to assist you. Give us a call now at (352) 575-7448 to learn more about our reliable moving service and schedule an appointment with our team!

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